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β€œTo connect the hurting veteran as well as their families and friends with others who have already begun the transition home after war. With Jesus Christ as our focal point it is our desire to provide spiritual and emotional healing through our existing Outpost and Home Front system.”

1st Annual "Paying it Back to our Vets" Poker Run & Benefit



How you can HELP!

The "Paying it Back to Our Vets" Poker Run and Benefit was a huge success, we raised $7500 between the Poker Run and Benefit!! Thanks to all our donors, volunteers and supporters, we could not have done it without you!!!

We have begun plans for next years event and will keep everyone posted of the date and details, so please be sure to check back here often or go to payingitbacktoourvets.com.


You can still donate or order your T-shirt!!!


It's not too late to order your shirt to show your support for our Veterans!




You can continue to support Point Man with your generous contributions all year long, you can also begin making plans to help support or volunteer for our 2nd Annual Paying it Back to Our Vets Poker Run and Benefit. If you are interested in helping in any way you may contact us at:

payingitbacktoourvets.com or email jtreynolds@hotmail.com or call 303-548-8977.


                                             Point Man Outpost Group


                                      When:   Wednesday 19:00 – 20:00

                                        Where:  VFW Post #3917

                                                     4715 Clearview Drive

                                                    Colo Springs, CO 8091

                                        Contact: LTC (Ret) Jay Magee




 (Every 3rd Wednesday the group will meet at the Wounded Warrior Battalion - call Jay for more details)